Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION:  What are you currently working on?

ANSWER:  I am currently brainstorming the outlines for the next TWO book projects. God is so good. Stay tuned!


QUESTION:  Do you have a favorite writing spot or certain things you must have in order to write? 

ANSWER:  No, I don't have a favorite spot.  I just pick and choose a place, where it is nice and quiet.  I don't have certain items that are "Must Haves" in order for me to write, but I absolutely need it to be quiet.  I get my best writing done once everyone has gone to bed and it is just me, God, and my computer...oh and a nice cold glass of grapefruit juice. 


QUESTION:  Do you have any advice for other aspiring writers: 

ANSWER:  Yes, I do.  To all aspiring writers, life is going to happen.  Don't delay.  Don't stall any longer.  Start jotting down ideas and just write.  Also, read.  Read novels in the genre that you are looking to write in.  Write.  Write.  Write.  Read.  Read and then write some more.  I have a great example:  I was about half-way through the manuscript of my first novel, and Microsoft Word just stopped working.  Microsoft Word of all things.  I literally wanted to throw my personal laptop and quit writing.

I prayed about it and decided even the lack of Microsoft Word wouldn't get in my way this time.  I begin writing manually and completed the novel manually.  I,  ofcourse, typed what I'd written manually.  To worsen matters, when I attempted to type all the handwritten parts of the manuscript, I encountered an ongoing problem with the cursor on the laptop keyboard...seemed it grew a mind of its own and kept jumping around not staying in the sentence I was typing.  Can you imagine that, trying to tackle a daunting writing a novel and the cursor on the keyboard not cooperating?  I kept having to type FN F5, on the keyboard, which supposedly helps.  It was a nightmare to say the least.  Once, I got everything typed, I sent the final version off to my editor.


The point here is that life, stumbling blocks, name it, they will continue to happen.  You might be busy with family, careers, or other personal endeavors and you probably won't be slowing down anytime soon.  So you just have to make time and write.  Write.  Write.  Write.